School Board

School Board

The School Board, in representing the Catholic school community, actively promotes and supports the Catholic ethos of the school.


At the beginning of each school year a board is inducted and commissioned. Board members are supported by Catholic Education WA, and are given access to training and appropriate information courses. The School Board meets once a month throughout the school year. The board is responsible not only to our local school community, but also to the CECWA for the financial administration of the school. It is also entrusted with the duty of planning, on behalf of the school community, with the school staff (through the Principal) and with the CECWA to meet the present and future needs of students.


Taking on a position with the School Board is a wonderful way for parents to get involved and help shape their child’s school. In addition to the normal Executive roles, School Boards also appoint a range of sub-committees, giving parents a chance to leverage their business acumen or other specialisations.


Our current school board members are:


  • Chairperson- Vin Whyte
  • Treasurer- Jamie Stewart
  • Secretary- Celeste Hunter
  • Community Representative- Kathy O’Reeri
  • P&F Representative- Melinda Fitt
  • Parish Representative- Lisa Whyte


(staff room next to reception)


Vin WhyTE



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