OSHC Introduction

OSHC Introduction

On behalf of the School Principal and OSHC Manager, a warm welcome to the St Joseph's Out of School Hours Care Centre (OSHC). The Centre employs two Nominated Supervisors as well as several assistant educators; all are experienced and caring.


St Joseph's OSHC is for the benefit of all primary aged children from Pre-Primary to Year 7, not just those who attend St Joseph’s School.


We are focussed on the wellbeing of all children. We believe that all children deserve a safe, happy and enjoyable environment to grow socially, spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually. We strive to assist in the development of the self-worth and dignity of each child.


We promote the development and understanding of the individual’s own identity, their ability to connect with and understand their world, a strong sense of wellbeing, confidence in their learning and effective communication skills.


St Joseph’s OSHC does not allow or ignore any form of bullying or discrimination. We encourage families to support and assist us with this policy.


Parental involvement is very important to ensure the service is meeting family needs. All families are welcome to provide input via the School Principal or Nominated Supervisors regarding the operation of the service at any time. Parents are also welcome to become involved in the Centre’s assessment process through personal discussion and by completing surveys designed to ensure that the service is meeting a high standard of care for all children in the Centre.




Ros Grace (Nominated Supervisor)

Ash Mongoo


Judith Brennan

Sandra Powell

Sandra Kelly

Eileen Watkins

Tianna Garlett

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