OSHC Vacation Care Programme

Vacation Care Programme

This April, come and join us for Vacation Care at St Joseph’s OSHC!


In addition to a fun filled day of entertainment with a Jungle Theme. The children will enjoy a fun filled day of entertainment including  painting, kite making, puppetry, making play-dough, ping pong, totem tennis, cooking, free play, construction and much more. Come along ready to join in and have some fun with your friends! Please note, this page will be updated between each set of school holidays.

Week 1 (11th - 15th April)

Mon 11th

To be advised....

Tue 12th

It will be Amazing...

Wed 13th

Spectacular in fact

Thur 14th

A tonne of fun!

Fri 15th

...even a little challenging?!

Week 2 (18th -22nd April)

Mon 5th

Anzac/Army theme

Tue 6th

To be advised....

Wed 7th

To be advised....

Thur 8th

To be advised....

Fri 9th

To be advised....

Online enrolment form

Before you click on this form, you will need:


  • Your child's details (including CRN number)
  • Current address details
  • Current school details (name, teacher, contact details)
  • Full parent details (contact and work)
  • Any Parenting or Restraint Orders (if applicable)
  • Detail of any special needs your child may have (including medication)
  • Your child's vaccination history
  • Family doctor/dentist details/blood group
  • Medicare details
  • Emergency Contact Details (Other Than Parents/Guardians)

Centre Routines

The activities at the Centre are built around a series of regular daily events i.e. arrival, taking the attendance record, snacks/drinks, hand washing, lunch break when on Vacation Care and departure and take into account the developmental needs of individual children, children’s attendance patterns, climate and physical environment, the numbers and ages of children within a given group, children with additional needs, new children entering the group and parent expectations.

Activity Programme

Children will participate in a range of activities that reflect the children’s interest and meet their developmental needs. The educators are responsible for creating an atmosphere and environment that is responsive to the needs of each child and to the group as a whole and reflects the philosophy and goals of the service. The programme is be balanced and includes indoor and outdoor learning experiences, quiet and active times, individual, small group and large group times, time for individual staff/child interactions, individual and small group interests and children’s special interests. It is flexible enough to allow for spontaneous learning opportunities.

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